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Kbri: Ajali Ref Sheet by aAshleyB Kbri: Ajali Ref Sheet by aAshleyB

:iconstopplz: This Character Is NOT For Your Roleplay, Stories, Bases, Shops, etc. :iconstopplz:

Update: Completely re-vamped.  First and foremost her biography has been refined and extended with some pretty major alterations.  I changed up the characteristics list to be more personal.  I made sure to finish off with lineart so that he was more defined and not so messy looking.
Changed her pose to be more characteristic to her personality, the pose before just didn't least not for her.
OHMYGLOB her face actually looks natural now.  Thank goodness I'm seeing improvement in my own art in more aspects than digital media.
Face doesn't look like two different boxes glued together, with a wooden stick plastered to her neck to make her look funky.  Her color has changed, instead of the unnaturally red red, I gave her more of the colors she'd have if she were in a movie; granted, she's still pretty red.  Her nose isn't hot pink anymore which was also annoying me and didn't fit with her new coat color.  Her entire profile and chin has been re-constructed to be more natural and again, characteristic to her body type and personality: showing more expression rather than stature-esque muteness.

Ref Notes: 
Color Pallet: The "C" and "P" circles in the center of the pallet stand for claws and paw pads...since I didn't draw those in.  There's a 7px border of the shade for that color around all the circles.  

Watermark Notes:
You are allowed to draw fan-art of this character! I just prefer that you have a watermark on it, and you must link me to it and give rightful credits to me in the description.  Fan art is allowed on DeviantART may not draw this character and share it anywhere on the internet besides DeviantART.  Thank you!


Name: Ajali
Name Meaning: Swahili for 'Accident'
Title: Kinland Pride Hunter

Current Age: Young Adult

Bio: Ever since the disappearance of her older sister when she was just a cub, Ajali has become a short-tempered individual with a mind of her own.  She does not like being told what to do; and this includes the topic of hunting.  She'd rather teach herself how to hunt than listen to anyone else tell her how she's "supposed" to hunt.  Ajali was the only one of her mothers' three cubs to be born into the Kinland pride.  Her eldest sibling, a male by the name of Shujaa, was much older than her and her sister, and she does not remember him, considering he was murdered by her father when she was too young to hang out alone.  Her other, older sibling, decided when Ajali was a cub that she was "big enough to take care of herself", and left the pride in search for her own calling; however, she did so in secret, not telling anyone what she was planning to do, or where she was planning to go.  Those who'd known her were down-trodden or heart-broken; especially her younger sister Ajali, who was more than upset that the only sibling she had left decided to turn her back on what was left of their family, and what she considered to be, her pride.  Ajali waited, and watched, on top of the mound that covered the entrance to the prides' cave for a week before the rest of the pride determined she was not coming back.  Ajali tried frantically to prove them wrong, that she would come back.  She had to.  Too young and afraid to leave the Kinlands by herself, and with no support from the rest of the pride, including her own mother, she gave up on the idea that her sister was ever coming back.  Now a young adult, she puts on a front, with a cold face to match, hiding the anguish she fights against each and every day.  Too afraid to go out on her own, on top of being un-willing to leave her worn-out mother, she remains in the Kinlands.  She pretends to blame her sister for her bad attitude when confronted about it, and act like she hates her for leaving; when, in reality, she's only blaming herself.  Instead of expressing her anguish, she has a snarky bad attitude and is haunted nightly with visions of her sister dying, crying out for help, with no one around to help her.

Daughter of: Hofu (father) and Mwezi (mother)
Siblings: Shujaa (brother), Additional information To Be Announced
Cousins: Masizi

Mate: n/a

Offspring: n/a

Notable Characteristics:
*Hasn't smiled since she was a cub*
*Hates being an only cub*
*Doesn't like resembling her father*
*Hates life*
*Scared of being alone*
*Low self-esteem*
*Prefers being lazy to dwell on sad things*


Featured in Page(s):
Chap. 1: Pg 6

Ajali / Kiburi Ashley Brooke Anderson, Asatra

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